Smartphone Honor 8 (RAM 4GB, ROM 32 GB, 5.2 Inch, Rear Camera 12 MP, Front Camera 8 MP, Android 6.0) Blue Mobile Phone

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The new Honor 8

You have the power to push culture forward. That’s why Honor created a phone for you — the new Honor 8. It’s the smartphone that opens your eyes to a world of possibilities. Design and Craftsmanship

– The Honor 8 combines exclusive design and high-end craftsmanship. The premium, slick body of the Honor 8 is made with heavy 2.5D glass on front screen and back surface, finished aluminum alloy, and ultra-narrow bezel design for a much stronger body and a smooth, seamless feeling.
– 15-layer craftsmanship and light-catching glass finish makes the Honor 8 stand out from the crowd. Camera

More light, better pictures

– The innovative bionic 12MP dual lenses of the Honor 8 are your eyes to the world. One lens allows for rich color and the other lens is monochrome to give your images more light and increased sharpness. Together they help you capture crisper, more detailed photos.
– Do you want high-quality photos under macro, black light, low-light, and complex conditions? No problem for the Honor 8. The hybrid auto-focus enables laser focus for short range, precise depth focus for long range, and contrast focus — each working together to help you take better pictures in complex lighting conditions day and night.

– The built-in dual ISP improves focus, speed, and process time when you take pictures.
– Honor 8’s wide aperture mode enables you to blur backgrounds from F0.95 to F16, and you can redefine the focus even after the photo has been taken, giving you more creative control over your images.
– Do you enjoy the full-manual control of professional cameras? Try the Honor 8’s Professional Mode and record your everyday adventure in different ways.
– Always look your best in selfies with the 8 MP front-facing camera and “Perfect Selfie” mode. It enables you to customize your beauty settings, while also remembering your preferred look.

Want to get your photo more creative? Wide aperture mode enables you to blur background from F0.95 to F16, and allows you to redefine the focus even after photo taking.

– With an 8 megapixel front-facing camera, you can achieve superior selfies even in low light.
– Always on your very best look thru the unique perfect selfie from the 8 MP front-facing camera. Versatile Touch and Feel

Swipe, tap, it’s a snap

– Thanks to the latest fingerprint technology, you can unlock your Honor 8 in only 0.4 seconds. The auto-learning skills of the fingerprint sensor improve the recognition of your fingerprint over time.
– Honor 8 supports NFC tag read/write, P2P transfer and HCE-based mobile payment. CPU

More game, less drain

– The Honor 8 is powered by an octa-core CPU 4×2.3GHz + 4×1.8GHz built on a 16nm architecture. 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM enable flawless multitasking and seamless gaming.
– The CPU chipset contains an i5 co-processor, which controls the Honor 8’s sensors and other features. The i5 co-processor works together with the Kirin 950 SoC chipset to increase processing speed, response time, and battery life.
– The Honor 8 has a rapid, smart file-processing system for a smooth user experience. Display

Brighter color, smarter visibility control, more details

– The Honor 8’s 5.2-inch FHD display with a 96% high color gamut (NTSC), color enhancement, and dynamic pixel-level contrast adjustment provides a better viewer experience, with vivid and crisp images.
– The Eye-Care Mode makes looking at your phone more comfortable and safe by filtering part of the blue light to reduce eye strain. Battery

You’ve got the power and the long-lasting battery

– 9V/2A fast-charging technology reaches a 47% (from 0%) charge in just 30 minutes. So when you’re out there changing the world, the Honor 8 has you covered — with up to 10 hours of nonstop video playback and a speedy recharge.
– And with a 10-minute charge, Honor 8 gives you 2 hours of phone-call time or 6 hours of offline music listening. Intelligent Communication

Always connected

– Double antenna switch: the Honor 8 seamlessly selects the antenna with the strongest signal to ensure you always have the best possible reception.
– Smart roaming: Huawei’s international carrier database enables your device to register on local networks faster when roaming.
– Smart dual-band wi-fi switching: the Honor 8 supports 2.4 GHz/5 GHz bands and defaults to the faster 5 GHz band unless the 2.4 GHz signal is stronger. Smart Control 4.0

Honor8 includes a separate infrared module with built-in IR codes for popular products, allowing you to control devices even when you are without an Internet connection. Honor8 supports 232,740 products from 5810 brands. Smart media

Voice +

Don’t want to hold your phone to have a talk? The high-gain microphone, voice plus technology and volume amplification feature release your hands without sacrifice the audio quality at both end of the line. Dynamic noise-canceling

Honor8 has enhanced hands-free support, including a high-sensitive microphone, Voice+ technology, and volume amplification features. Enjoy improved audio quality at both ends of the line. Integrated speaker unit

Honor8 features an integrated speaker unit that provides high-quality music playback. EMUI

EMUI 4.1 + Android 6.0 : Smoothness & Innovation Eco-friendly

Only fingerprint, no footprint

– The Honor 8 is certified with UL 110 (Platinum level) for mobile phone sustainability and positive environmental impact, with packaging and user manuals printed in soy ink.
– The packaging is approved by the Forest Stewardship Council, which promotes sustainable forestry.


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